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Q. How can I invite my friend to InnerBeans?

Invite your friends through gmail account. InnerBeans will send an invitation email to your friends' gmail address.
1. Click 'Friends/Invitation' button on the top right corner of the planet board.


















2. Enter your friend's gmail address.

3. Click 'Invite'.

Q. I've invited a friend, and I want to know if he or she joined InnerBeans.

You can check if your friend joined InnerBeans on your "Friends List". If your friend shows up in added new friend, then it means he or she has joined InnerBeans. Add a topic and start working together!

Q. What does "Planet public settings" mean?

'With the ON/OFF button under Planet Public, you can set your planet to be open or closed.
Click to change to "ON" to allow your friends to visit your planet. If not, click to turn it "OFF".

You can add a topic by clicking on the plus sign.

InnerBeans sends an invitation email only on the first request. You can receive invitation messages on your planet or in notification.