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Q. What is a topic?

You can freely collaborate and communicate in each topic.  Invite your friends to a topic and start working together!

Q. How can I create a new topic?

On edit mode, you can add topics to a group.
1. Click on edit on the lower right corner on the planet boar

2. Click the plus button on a group..















3. Set a name and an icon for the topic.

Q. What is that chat bubble displayed above the topic?

The chat bubble shows the most recent comment in the topic and allows you to write a message as well.

You can change the name of the topic, but the icon cannot be changed. To change the name:
1. Click on the topic.


2. Click the setting icon on the upper right corner of the chat bubble.


3 Click on 'Edit Topic Name'

Q. Can I change the name and the icon of the topic?

You can move topics when your planet is in an edit mode. 
1. Click on the edit button at the lower right corner.

















2. Drag a topic to whichever group or positions within a group you like.   

1. Click on 'Go to chat' at the upper right corner on your planet board.

















2. Click the topic's icon displayed on the upper left corner of the topic's chatroom.

3. You can change the color of the topic and click 'Save'. 

1. Click edit on the lower right corner on your planet board.















2. Drag the topic to delete to the trash can on the lower right corner where 'edit' button was found earlier.