Communicate, Collaborate

and Create value with InnerBeans

InnerBeans provides an online collaborative workplace platform

with game like look and feel.

Make your collaboration fun and exciting with us. 

Welcome to
InnerBeans planet
InnerBeans is an online collaborative platform where you can chat, share files and check project progress.
It makes your collaboration simple and easy.
Enjoy exciting collaboration with InnerBeans!
Get the work done
You can easily manage your work on your own Planet. Organize your tasks by Groups and Topics and invite your co-workers.  Get your work done, together and faster.
Chat, Work, Share
all in one place
You can work effectively from having simple conversations to sharing files.
Add and customize topics
by more than 200 types of icons.
Planet Traveling
Yay! Visit other people's Planets
You can create a new opportunity to work.

Link your work tools and apps with InnerBeans. 
You can check your work progress at a glance.
Your can integrate BitBucket to your topics and more apps integration will be available soon 

Mobile Application will be released soon

Innerbeans is fully compatible with all mobile devices.

You can access your Planet, have a meeting and make important decisions whenever you want and wherever you are.