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Customer Terms of Service & Privacy Policy 

Terms of Service

Article 1. (Purpose)

The purpose of the Terms of Service for ttokttok (these “Terms of Service”) is to define the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between ttokttok (the “Company”) and the “Member” (as defined below) regarding the use of the “Service” (as defined below). “Members”’ use of the “Service” requires each “Member”’s agreement to these Terms of Service. If a “Member” does not understand these Terms of Service and any policies of the “Company” related thereto including but not limited to the Privacy Policy of the “Company”, or does not accept any part thereof in person or through his/her legal representative, then such “Member” shall not use the “Service”.

Article 2. (Definitions)

The definitions of the terminology used in the Terms of Service are as follows:

① "Service" refers to all services related to ttokttok provided by the "Company" for the purpose of providing a platform for “Members” to create, register, and manage “Business cards”, managing and sharing of social connection based member information or “Business cards” created or registered by “Members”, supporting for communication and exchange activities between “Members”, analyzing and forming social network between “Members” based on “Business cards” and personal information registered by “Members”, relationship building and supporting network through interest analysis, and providing customized corporate information based on the profile registered by “Members”.

② "Member" refers to a customer who logs into the “Service” of the “Company”, signs an agreement with the “Company” in accordance with these Terms of Service, and uses the “Service” provided by the “Company”.

③ "ID" refers to an email address or a combination of letters and numbers set by the “Member” and authorized by the “Company” for the purpose of identifying the “Member” and using the “Service”.

④ "Password" refers to a combination of letters or numbers set by the “Member” himself/herself in order to protect privacy and to identify whether the “Member” matches with the given “ID”.

⑤ “Business card” refers to a card on which the company name, contact information, company address, position, career, education, project, industry, technology, language spoken, portfolio link, etc. are written.

⑥ "Business card information" refers to names, company names, departments, positions, and profile images, contact information (mobile and telephone numbers, email addresses), addresses, careers, educations, technologies, projects, languages used, portfolios, logo images, etc. written on the “Business card” created and registered by the “Member” for the use of the “Service”. 

⑦ “Paid service” refers to the various types of online digital contents (including all kinds of contents, VOD, items and paid items) and related services that the “Company” provides for a charge.

⑧ “Paid member” refers to a “Member” who pays the usage fee and uses the “Paid service” of the “Company”.

⑨ "Posting" refers to signs, voices, sounds, videos, messages, images, files, and links that the “Member” posts on the “Service” while using the “Service”.

⑩ “Payment” refers to the act of a “Member” paying a certain amount through a payment method designated by the “Company” in order to use the “Paid service”.

The definitions of the terms used in these Terms of Services, except for those specified in Article 2, shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations, and those not specified in the relevant laws and regulations shall follow general business practices.


Article 3. (Posting and Amending the Terms of Service)

① The “Company” shall post the Terms of Service on the initial screen of the “Service” or website(, so that “Member” can easily access the content.

② The “Company” may amend the Terms of Service within the scope of not violating relevant laws, such as the "Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act" and the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection”, etc." (Hereinafter, the "Information and Communications Network Act").

③ When the “Company” amends the Terms of Service, it shall post a public notice with a clear statement of the application date and the reason of amendment as well as the current Terms of Service at least seven (7) days prior to the application pursuant to the way set forth in Clause 1 of this Article. However, if the amendment is unfavorable to the “Member”, the “Company” shall post at least thirty (30) days prior to the application.

④ Notwithstanding the “Company”’s clear statement or public notice of the amendment of the Terms of Service, if the “Member” does not show any disagreement explicitly during announcement, the “Member” shall be deemed to have agreed to the amended version of Terms of Service.

Article 4. (Interpretation of the Terms of Service)

① The “Company” may provide and operate “Paid services” or other individual “Services” under separate Terms of Service respectively applicable to each “Service”. If such separate Terms of Service conflict with the content hereof, the terms of service for “Paid services” (such as, “Terms of Service for Paid Service”) shall prevail.

② Any matters or interpretations not provided herein shall be handled in accordance with the Terms of Service for Paid Service, relevant laws and legislations, or the commercial customs prevalent in the industry where ttokttok belongs to.

Article 5. (Entering into the Agreement for Use)

① If a person wishes to become a “Member” (the "Applicant") and applies for a membership, he/she shall give his/her agreement to the Terms of Service and shall be approved by the “Company” as a “Member”.

② In principle, the “Company” shall grant the right to use the “Service” to the Applicant upon its approval of such Applicant as a “Member”. However, the “Company” may disallow the Applicant from using the “Service”, or may revoke its approval of the Applicant as a “Member” in the following cases where:

1. the Applicant had lost his/her membership earlier pursuant to these Terms of Service, except in case where the “Company” allows re-registration according to the Terms of Service;

2. the Applicant used other person’s membership;

3. the Applicant submitted false information, or did not provide the information requested by the “Company”;

4. the Applicant under the age of fourteen (14) did not get the approval from his/her legal representative (parents, etc.);

5. the Applicant violated other related regulations while using the “Service”; or

6. the other cases the “Company” cannot provide “Service”

③ During the application process for the membership, the “Company” may request real name confirmation and identity authentication through a specialized institution.

④ The “Company” may delay the approval when the “Service”-related facilities are not enough, or there are technical or business issues.

⑤ In principle, the “Company” shall give a notification to the Applicant if it does not approve the membership application or delay or revoke the approval in accordance with Clause 2 and 4 of this Article.

⑥ The agreement to the Terms of Service shall be valid at the time when the “Company” displays "Membership Complete" in the application process.

⑦ The “Company” may categorize “Members” by grade pursuant to the company policies, and give differential treatment to the “Members” in using the “Service” by segmenting the hours and frequency of use, and the “Service” menus.

⑧ The “Company” may impose restrictions on “Members”’ use of the “Services” to comply with the grade or age standard set forth in the "Movie and Video Promotion Act" and/or "Juvenile Protection Act."
⑨ A “Member” may need a Google Account in order to use the “Service”. If a “Member” is using a Google Account, separate terms or additional terms may apply and the “Member”’s administrator may apply to terminate the “Member”’s use of the “Service” for the account.

⑩ In order to use “Paid service”, “Member” must pay the usage fee, and the time of establishment of “use contract” for “Paid service” is when the “Company” indicates purchase completion in the application process. However, the “Company” may refuse to accept the application for any of the following cases or may terminate the "use contract" of the “Paid service” afterwards.

1. If the “Company” cannot confirm the “Payment” of the usage fee due to failure to pay the usage fee or incorrect payment

2. If the “Member” has lost membership and has not obtained the consent of the “Company” to re-register as a “Member”

3. If the “Member” uses or steals a third party’s credit card, wire/wireless phone, bank account, etc. without permission to pay for usage

Article 6. (Changing personal information)

① The “Member” may access and modify his/her personal information anytime on the personal information management page. However, it is impossible to revise a real name and “ID” number, that are necessary for the “Service” management.

② After changing the registered personal information, the “Member” shall notify the “Company” of the change by modifying the information online or by emailing to the “Company”.

③ The “Company” shall take no responsibility for any disadvantages that might occur to the “Member” as a result of the “Member”’s failure to inform the “Company” of any changes in his/her registered personal information as described in Clause 2 of this Article.

Article 7. (Obligations to Protect Personal Information)

① The “Company” shall make efforts to protect the personal information of the “Member” in accordance with relevant laws, including the "Information and Communications Network Act." Regarding the protection and use of personal information, the Privacy Policy of the “Company” and relevant laws shall apply. However, the Privacy Policy of the “Company” shall not apply to any linked websites other than the official websites of the “Company”.

② “Company” does not take any responsibility for any information including account information of “Members” exposed due to reasons attributable to “Members”.

Article 8. (Obligations to manage “Member”’s “personal information”) 

A “Member”’s Account is personal to each “Member” and is non-transferable, and he/she may not permit any third-party to use the Account. The "Member" is responsible for safeguarding the "Account" and “Password” and restricting access to devices (wired and wireless devices, including computers, mobile phones, and other mobile devices). The "Member" agrees to be responsible for all activities arising from "Member"'s account or “Password”. 

① The “Member” shall be responsible for managing his/her “ID” and “Password”, and shall not allow a third-party to use the Account.

②The “Company” may restrict the use of the “Account”, if there is a concern about leakage of personal information, antisocial or contrary to public morals, or misunderstanding as "Company" or the operator of the "Company".

③ The “Company” shall not be responsible for any data loss or leakage from third-party sites (such as and storages (such as that is connected to the “ID” and Google Drive.

Article 9. (Notification to “Member”)

① When the “Company” sends a notification to the “Member”, unless described otherwise herein, the “Company” may send it to the email address provided on the personal information management page of the “Member”, or through electronic memos or notes within the “Service”.

② When giving notifications to all the “Members”, the “Company” may replace the notification described in Clause 1 of this Article by posting a post on the bulletin board of the “Company”’s website.

Article 10. (Obligation of the “Company”)

① The “Company” shall not conduct a behavior that violates relevant laws, and the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service, or that would be detrimental to public peace and order and good public morale, and shall make reasonable efforts to provide the “Service” consistently and stably.

② The “Company” shall have a security system to protect personal information of a “Member” (including credit information) so that the “Member” can safely use the “Service”, and the “Company” shall publicly announce and abide by the Privacy Policy.

③ When the “Company” acknowledges that the opinions or complaints from the “Member” with respect to the use of the “Service” are reasonable, the “Company” shall make reasonable efforts to resolve the relevant issues and, if necessary, may inform the “Member” of the process of handling such opinions and complaints and provide its feedback through the notification method set forth in Article 9 above.

Article 11. (Obligation of “Members”)

① The “Member” shall not himself/herself and shall not authorize or permit any third-party to:

1. register false information when applying for a membership or modifying information;

2. pretend to be another person or falsely specify the relationship with another person, steal or illegally use the account and password of another “Member”, or purchase paid content without permission by stealing another person's credit card, phone number, etc;

3. trade “Business card information” (of a third party) with others through services not provided by the “Company”;

4. reproduce, distribute, encourage, commercial use the information obtained by using the "Service" of the "Company" or the application provided without prior consent of the "Company", or use the "Service" by exploiting known or unknown bugs;

5. generate property benefits to oneself or others by using the “Service” of the “Company” or the provided application;

6. defame the reputation of the "Company" or a third party, interfere with business, or cause damage to the “Company” or a third party;

7. infringe other rights such as intellectual property rights and portrait rights of the “Company” or a third party, or collect, store, distribute, or post personal information of other “Members” without going through the “Service” of the “Company”;

8. deceive a third party for profit or cause damage to a third party by unwholesomely using the “Service” provided by the “Company”;

9. exchange, post, or link obscene or vulgar information, or post advertisements and publicity materials that contain content that may offend others in terms of social norms;

10. induce or participate in fraudulent acts, such as gambling with property;

11. post, transmit, reach, or distribute words, sounds, texts, images, or videos that cause shame, disgust, or fear to other party;

12. transmit, post, distribute, or use information that is prohibited from being transmitted or posted by relevant laws, or data containing software viruses or other computer codes, files, or programs designed to disrupt or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment;

13. change the application, add or insert other programs to the application, hack the server, reverse engineer, leak or change source code or application data, build a separate server or website without special rights granted by the “Company” or impersonate a “Company” by arbitrarily changing or stealing a part of the website;

14. impersonate an employee or operator of the “Company”, or steal someone else’s name to register information such as “Business cards”, post messages, or send e-mails;

15. unfairly use shared “Business card information” of others for commercial purposes;

16. use the “Service” for profit, business, advertising, political activities, illegal election campaigns, etc. without the consent of the “Company”; or 

17. violate other public orders and morals or act illegally, unfairly, or in violation of the law.

② The “Member” shall abide by the relevant laws, provisions of the Terms of Service, and guide for use as well as any policies of the “Company” such as the notice with respect to the “Service”, and shall not interfere with the “Company”’s businesses.

Article 12. (Providing the “Service”)

① “Company” starts “Service” from the time that “Member” agrees to sign up for membership. However, in the case of some “Services”, the “Service” may be provided from the designated date according to the needs of the “Company”.

② “Company” can divide the “Service” into a certain range and separately designate available hours for each range. In this case, the contents are notified in advance.

③ In principle, the “Service” is provided all year round, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, unless there is any special problem in business or technology.

④ The “Company” may temporarily stop providing the “Service” if there is a maintenance check, repair, replacement, breakdown, or communications cutoff of information and communications facilities like computers, and if there are other operational issues similar or equivalent to any of the above. In this case, the “Company” shall give a notification to the “Member” in a way set forth in Article 9. However, if the “Company” did not give a notice beforehand due to unavoidable circumstances, it may notify the “Member” afterwards.

⑤ The “Company” may carry out a routine maintenance when it is needed for the “Service”, and the time of the maintenance shall be the time publicly announced either on the “Service” screens or pages or by posting a post on the bulletin board of the “Company”’s website.

⑥The “Company” shall not be held liable for any (I) personal injury resulting from “Member”’s access to or use of the “Service”, (II) damage resulting from unauthorized access to or use of “Members”’ Account or the “Service” by a third-party, (III) damage resulting from any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from the “Service” caused by a third-party, (IV) damage resulting from transmission of bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, or the like by any third-party, (V) damage resulting from the omission or destruction of data, or (VI) damage incurred by the “Member” during the course of the use of the “Service” by any third-party, including, but not limited to, defamatory injury.

Article 13. (Changes to the “Service”)

① The “Company” may change, add, or abolish all or part of “Services” pursuant to the operational and technical necessity if the “Company” deems necessary at its discretion.

② If there is a change to the content of the “Service” or how and when to use the “Service”, the “Company” shall post the reasons of the change, the content of the “Service” to be changed, and the date to apply the changed “Service” on the front page of the “Service”. However, this is not the case if prior notice is not possible due to the suspension of “Service” due to reasons beyond the control of the “Company”.

③ If it is necessary for the “Company”’s policies or operation, the “Company” may change, stop, or modify a part or all of the “Services”, and shall not compensate the “Member” for such change, stoppage or modification of the “Services”, unless stated otherwise in the relevant laws.

④ Even “Services” that are currently provided free of charge may be charged to ““Members”” in the future. 

⑤ If the change in the “Paid service” is significant or unfavorable to the “member,” the “Company” notifies the “Member” receiving the “Paid service” in the manner set forth in Article 9. In this case, the “Service” before the change is provided to the “Member” who refuses to agree to the change. However, if it is impossible to provide the “Service” before the change, the provision of the “Service” may be suspended, and in that case, the refund will be processed in accordance with Article 20, Clause 3.

⑥ “Company” may limit or suspend all or part of “Service” in the following cases.

1. In case of force majeure such as war, incident, natural disaster or national emergency

2. In case of problem with the normal use of the “Service” due to power outages, failures in all facilities, or congestion in usage

3. In case of unavoidable circumstances due to construction such as maintenance of equipment for “Service”

4. In case the “Service” cannot be provided due to various circumstances of the “Company”

⑦ “Company” shall not be held liable for any problems caused by the change or suspension of “Service”, unless the cause of change or suspension of “Service” is intentional or gross negligence of “Company”.

Article 14. (Providing Information and Advertising)

①"Company" may provide various information deemed necessary to “Members” while using “Service”, by ways of notices, homepage, e-mail, smartphone notifications (push alerts), messenger applications, text messages (SNS/LMS), phone calls, etc. However, “Members” may refuse to receive e-mails, messenger applications, text messages, and phone calls at any time, except for answers to customer inquiries and transaction-related information in accordance with relevant laws.

② "Company" may post advertisements on “Service” screens, homepages, e-mails, etc. in relation to the operation of "services", and “Members” agree to the posting of advertisements.

③ The “Company” shall not be held liable for any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by “Members” participating in, communicating with, or transacting in third-party advertisements provided by the “Company”.

④ The “Company” may use the legally collected personal information of “Members” to provide advertisements in Clause 2, etc. If the “Member” does not want to, he or she can unsubscribe at any time through incoming e-mail or message.

⑤ “Members” and non-”Members” (“Users”) shall not take any actions to change, amend, restrict the post or other information in regard to the “Service” provided by the “Company”.

Article 15. (Copyright of Posting)

① The copyright of a Posting posted by the “Member” while using the “Service” shall vest in the author of the Posting.

② Notwithstanding Clause 1, the “Posting” that the “Member” posts while using the “Service” may be exposed to search results, the “Service”, and related promotions, and may be posted as being modified, copied or edited by the “Company” within the scope necessary to make it public. In this case, the “Company” shall abide by the provisions of the Copyright Act, and the “Member” may take actions anytime, such as deletion or exclusion from search results, and non-disclosure of the “Posting” by contacting the customer service of the “Company” or through the management feature within the “Service”.

③ The “Company” must ask for an approval through a phone call, fax, or email to expose the “Member”’s Posting in a way other than Clause 2.

Article 16. (Management of Posting)

① If a Posting of a “Member” violates relevant laws, such as the "Information and Communications Network Act" and "Copyright Act," the right-holder under the relevant laws may request the “Company” to take down the Posting pursuant to the procedures set forth in the relevant laws, and the “Company” shall take measures accordingly.

② Even without the request from the right-holder as described in the previous Clause, the “Company” may take temporary measures on the Posting in accordance with relevant laws if the “Company” reasonably determines that the Posting may infringe on any rights of a third-party, or violates any policies of the “Company” or relevant laws.

③ The “Company” need to be able to transmit, store, and copy “Members”’ Postings in order to display them to the “Member” and his/her team members, to index them to make them searchable, or to make backups to prevent data loss, and so on. Similarly, the “Company” may display the “Member”’s personal information on the “Service” (e.g. profile page) according to the preferences set by the “Member”.

④ “Members” can report objectionable content by e-mail to the customer center. The “Company” may delete or refuse to post your post if it is reasonably determined that the reported or found content violates the ttokttok's policies or the law.

⑤ All data shared on the “Service” by the “Member” may be deleted by “Member” who create or access to the data. The “Company” takes no responsibility for any data deleted under Clause 5 of this Article.

Article 17. (Ownership of Rights)

① The “Company” solely owns all copyrights and intellectual property rights on the “Service” and contents produced by the "Company" within the "Service".

② The “Company” shall grant the “Member” only the right to use the Account, “ID”, and the contents of the “Service” as described in these Terms of Service, and the “Member” shall not transfer, sell, or provide as collateral such rights granted herein.

Article 18. (Revocation of Agreement)

① The “Member” may request a withdrawal from his/her membership (“Withdrawal”) anytime through the setting menu of the “Service”, and the “Company’” shall handle such request promptly as set forth in the relevant laws.

② If a “Paid member” withdraws from the “Service”, the paid subscription in use is immediately terminated and refunds are not possible.

③ When the “Member” requests the Withdrawal, all the data of the “Member” will be deleted except for the “Member”’s personal information maintained by the “Company” according to the Privacy Policy of the “Company” and relevant laws.

④ When the “Member” requests the Withdrawal, all the Postings posted by his/her Account will be deleted except the Postings that have been re-listed or listed on the public board by way of forwarding or scraping by other Users.

⑤ When a “Member” withdraws a “Paid service”, all data including information registered by the “Member” related to the “Paid service” will be destroyed. However, if a “Member” shares the “Business card” and “personal network information” to other “Members” through a “paid service,” the “Business card” and “personal network information” possessed by other “Members” shall not be extinguished 

Article 19. (Payment Method)

① The methods that “Members” can use to pay for “Paid services” are as follows.

1. Affiliated credit card

2. Comprehensive payment of affiliated telecommunications company bills

3. Various account transfers such as phone banking, internet banking, and mail banking

4. Other payment methods in which the “Company” concludes an alliance agreement with a third party and informs the “Member” of “Payment” possibility and process.

② In the event of legal or technical problems in the “Payment” of “Members” or failures that the “Company” did not foresee (bank communication network failure, etc.), the “Company” requests the “Member” to change the payment method according to the policy of the “Company”, or temporarily holds or rejects the “Payment”.

③ Regarding the transaction amount of “Members” using “Paid services”, according to changes in internal policies, external settlement companies (bank companies, credit card companies, etc.), and other related laws, the “Company” may set transaction limits such as monthly accumulated “Payment” amount and “Payment” limit per “Member”, “Members” may not be able to use “Paid services” that exceed the transaction limits.

Article 20. (Withdrawal of Subscription and Refund)

① In the case of a “Paid service” purchased by a “Member”, the subscription can be withdrawn (purchase cancellation) within 7 days from the contract signing date or the “Paid service” available date. However, if the “Paid service” has already been used or deemed to have been used at the time of request for withdrawal of subscription, if the subscription withdrawal period has elapsed, if “Paid services” provided free of charge by the “Company” or third parties such as gifts and events, and equivalent, or in the case of using some “Services” with characteristics, withdrawal of subscription (purchase cancellation) may be restricted.

② If a “Member” cannot use the “Paid service” he/she purchased due to a reason attributable to the “Company”, the “Company” shall provide the same “Paid service” free of charge or refund the purchase amount in full.

③ The "Company" refunds the remaining amount in the case of Clause 5 of Article 13 or Article 21. However, the amount normally used, or event-related points given free of charge are not eligible for refund.

④ If an erroneous charge occurs due to reasons attributable to “Company”, “Company” shall refund the full amount of the erroneous charge in the same way as the “Payment” of the usage fee, and if an erroneous charge is incurred due to a reason attributable to a “member,” the cost required for refund of the erroneous charge can be deducted and refunded within a reasonable range. If the “Company” refuses to refund an erroneous charge, the “Company” shall prove that the usage fee was duly charged, and the details of the refund of the erroneous charge will be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. 

⑤ "Company" proceeds with refund in the same way as “Payment”, and if it is impossible to refund in the same way as “Payment”, it will be notified in advance. However, if the “Company” notifies “Paid members” in advance and in the following cases, there may be differences in refund methods and refund periods for each payment method.

1. In the case of payment methods that require receipt confirmation such as credit card

2. In the case where the business operator for each payment method pre-determines the deadline for suspension of billing or cancellation of “Payment” through an agreement with the “Company”, and in the case of a refund beyond the deadline

3. In the case where the “Paid member” does not immediately provide the information or data necessary for refund to the “Company” (when refunding cash, does not submit a copy of the applicant's account and identification card, or provides an account in another name, etc.)

4. In case of an explicit expression of intention by the “Member”

⑥ When proceeding with a refund pursuant to this Article, the “Company” may refund after deducting any incidental expenses and fees that the “Company” has or will bear in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

⑦ “Paid service” vouchers or paid contents acquired by a “Member” as compensation during “Service” use rather than through “Payment” of the usage fee for which actual purchase details are recorded, or paid through internal or external affiliate events of the “Company” are non-refundable.

⑧ In the case of a “Paid service” that is undergoing regular automatic payment according to the application or consent of a “Paid member”, if the “Paid member” is in arrears in paying the usage fee of the “Paid service”, the product may be automatically canceled on the day of overdue. “Paid members” who want to maintain benefits through regular automatic payment must take measures in advance to prevent arrears in paying the usage fee or overdue payment methods.

⑨ If the policy of each individual service stipulates a withdrawal and refund policy that is different from the provisions of this Article, the policy of the service concerned takes precedence.

Article 21. (Restrictions on Use)

① The “Company” may restrict the use of the “Service” by a “Member” if the “Member” violates these Terms of Service or disrupts the normal operations of the “Service”. Such restriction can be imposed in three stages – warning, temporary suspension, and cancellation of “Paid service” and permanent suspension.

② Notwithstanding the steps described in the previous Clause, the “Company” may permanently suspend a “Member” immediately if the “Member” violates relevant laws including but not limited to the following cases: 

1. if he/she illegally uses other’s name in violation of the "Resident Registration Act," 

2. if he/she provides illegal programs and disrupts the operation of the “Service” in violation of the "Copyright Act" and/or "Computer Programs Protection Act," 

3. if he/she conducts illegal communications and hacking in violation of the "Information and Communications Network Act," 

4. if he/she distributes malicious programs, and 

5. if he/she exceeds his/her login authority granted herein. 

When the contract is terminated accordingly, all benefits obtained through the use of the “Service” will be extinguished, and the “Company” will not compensate for this.

③ When the “Member” does not log in to the website of the “Company” for the “Service” for more than 3 months, the “Company” may restrict the use of the “Service” by such “Member” for the protection of the “Member”’s personal information and for the efficiency of the “Company”’s member management.

④ For various restrictions on use imposed to the “Member” by the “Company” pursuant to this Article, the “Company” shall be free to take any action required for effective implementation of such restrictions so long as such action is within the scope of the restrictions imposed on a “Member” as set forth in this Article.

⑤ The “Company” shall give a notification to the “Member” as described in Article 9 (Notification to “Member”), when restricting the use of the “Service” or terminating the agreement pursuant to this Article.

⑥ In accordance with the relevant procedures set forth by the “Company”, the “Member” may raise objections to the restrictions on use imposed by the “Company” pursuant to this Article. If the “Company” determines that such objections by the “Member” is reasonable or justifiable, the “Company” may immediately release the restrictions on use and allow such “Member” to resume the use of the “Service” under these Terms of Service. 

Article 22 (Compensation for Damages)

① The “Company” compensates only the actual damages to the “Paid member” if damage occurs to the “Paid member” due to a defect in the “Paid service”. However, "Company" shall not be responsible for any damages incurred to “Paid members” without intention or negligence of “Company”. When the “Company” compensates for damages to “Paid members”, the method and procedure follow related laws and other commercial practices.

② If a “Member” causes damage to the “Company” by violating the obligations of this agreement, or if a “Member” causes damage to the “Company” in connection with the use of the “Service”, the “Member” shall be liable to compensate the “Company” for its damages.

③If the “Company” receives various objections such as claims for damages or lawsuits from a third party due to an illegal act or violation of these terms of services by a “Member” in using the “Service”, the “Member” must indemnify the “Company” at his / her own responsibility and expense, and if the “Company” is not indemnified, the “Member” is responsible for compensating for all damages caused to the “Company”. 

Article 23. (Limitation of Liability)

① The “Company” shall be exempt from any responsibility related to providing the “Service” in the case where the “Company” is unable to provide the “Service” due to natural disasters or any force majeure.

② The “Company” shall not be responsible for “Service” errors occurred by the “Member", and damages occurred to “Members” due to telecommunications service providers stopping or not providing telecommunication services normally.

③ The “Company” shall not be responsible for the credibility and accuracy of any information, documents and/or facts that the “Member” posts on the bulletin board of the “Company”’s website.

④ The “Company” shall be exempt from any responsibility when there was a transaction between “Members” or between the “Member” and a third-party using the “Service”.

⑤ The “Company” shall not be responsible for the use of “services” provided free of charge unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws and regulations. 

⑥ The “Company” shall not be responsible for any loss or damage that was not, at the time the relevant agreement with a “Member” was formed, a reasonably foreseeable consequence of the “Company” breaching these Terms of Service, or any losses relating to any business of “Members” including lost profits, revenues, opportunity or data.

⑦ The total liability of the “Company” for any claims under these Terms of Service, including for any implied warranties, is limited to the amount a “Member” paid the “Company” to use the “Services” (or, if the subject of the claim is a free service, to supplying the “Member” such services again). 

Article 24. (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

① These Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

② Any disputes that may arise between the “Company” and the “Member” shall be brought exclusively to the Seoul Central District Court of the Republic of Korea. 

Article 25. (Miscellaneous)

① These Terms of Service control the relationship between the “Company” and the “Member” and does not create any third-party beneficiary rights.

② If a particular provision of these Terms of Service is found to be not enforceable, it shall not affect any other terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. 

③ The failure of the “Company” to enforce any provision of these Terms of Service shall not constitute a waiver of any other provision or any subsequent breach of the “Member”. 

④ These Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement between the “Company” and the “Member” with respect to the subject matter thereof, and supersede and replace any other prior or contemporaneous agreements, or terms and conditions applicable to the subject matter of these Terms of Service.


Announcement date: December 16, 2022

Effective date: December 16, 2022


Privacy Policy

1. Collection of Personal Information

The personal information that ttokttok collects from users at the time of membership registration is as follows.

① When signing up for membership, ‘profile image, name, email account, job, region, and self-introduction’ are collected as essential items.

② When signing up as a member using an external service, ‘account-related information and information that the member agrees to provide’ and ‘external service e-mail account and mobile phone number’ provided by the external service are collected as essential items.

③ When signing up for membership, the e-mail account used as a storage space, cultural background, education, career, industry, and interests are collected as optional items.

④ When registering and editing business cards, information registered by members (business card image, job, name, phone number, fax number, external service account, homepage, email address, company information (company name, title, company address, company phone number), academic background, career, project, industry, technology, spoken language, portfolio link, etc.) and information on relationships between members and networks (business cards and address books of networks registered by members, etc.) are collected as essential items.

⑤ For the short-distance business card sharing function, member's location information is collected as an optional item.

⑥ When consulting and making inquiries through the customer center, information such as name, e-mail, and phone number is collected as essential items.

⑦ When using the service, environmental information such as OS version and device information, and information generated during the use process, such as service use records such as IP address, cookie, date and time of visit, and bad use record are collected. 

⑧ When using paid services, account information (bank name, account holder name, account number) and mobile phone number are collected according to the selected payment method.

⑨ When additional personal information is collected, consent is obtained after separately informing the member about the 'personal information we collect, purpose of collection and use, period of retention and use, right to refuse consent and disadvantages due to consent refusal’ to members.

⑩ We may receive personal information from external companies or organizations affiliated with the us, and in this case, the affiliated external companies or organizations provide it to us after obtaining the member's consent to provide personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

2. Use of Personal Information

We use personal information only for the following purposes, such as member management of the ttokttok service, service development, provision and improvement, and establishment of a safe Internet environment.

① For confirmation of intention to sign up for membership, identification of users, confirmation of intention to withdraw from membership, securing efficient communication channels, introduction of new information and delivery of notices, analysis of service visits and usage records, etc.

② For providing services that allow members to register, manage, and share business cards and personal network information

③ For the personal network management service and customized information service based on the profile, business card and personal network information or member information registered by the member

④ For providing ttokttok service, discovering new services, and improving existing services

⑤ For purchase and payment of paid services, delivery of products and services, etc. 

⑥ For analysis of service use and access frequency, statistics on service use, provision of customized services according to service analysis and statistics, and posting of advertisements, etc. 

⑦ For discovering new service elements such as demographic analysis and providing customized services and improving existing services

⑧ For protecting members and operating services, such as restrictions on use of members who violate laws and ttokttok Terms of Service, prevention and sanctions against acts that interfere with the normal operation of the service, including fraudulent use, prevention of account theft, delivery of notices, dispute mediation, record retention for dispute resolution, and handling customer inquiries. 

⑨ For establishing a service environment that can protect members in terms of security, privacy, and safety

⑩ Personal information may be used or provided to a third party without the user's consent in accordance with the law to the extent reasonably related to the purpose of collection. At this time, comprehensive consideration is given to 'whether it is related to the original purpose of collection, whether there is predictability of additional use or provision of personal information given the circumstances of collection or processing practices, whether the interests of users are not unfairly infringed, and whether measures necessary to secure safety such as pseudonymization or encryption have been taken’.

3. Destruction of Personal Information

In principle, we destroy the member's personal information immediately at the moment when the members delete their accounts, but records of illegal use may be permanently stored to prevent illegal use.

In addition, when separate consent is obtained from the member for the retention period of personal information, or when the law imposes an obligation to retain information for a certain period, personal information is safely stored for that period.

When personal information is destroyed, it is destroyed in a way that cannot be reproduced. Information for which preservation obligations have been imposed by law will be destroyed in a way that cannot be reproduced after the expiration of the applicable period.

Files such as images, videos, and documents registered and saved by members are stored in the storage (Google Drive, etc.) of the external account linked by the member, so we do not have the right to destroy them even if the member withdraws.

4. Members’ rights and obligations

Members have the right to have their personal information protected, as well as the obligation to protect themselves and not infringe on the information of others. Members must be careful not to leak their personal information, including passwords, and be careful not to damage other's personal information, including postings.

Members are responsible for accidents caused by incorrect information entered by themselves. Members have an obligation to prevent unexpected accidents by entering personal information accurately and up to date.

If a member fails to fulfill the above responsibilities and damages the information and dignity of others, he or she may be punished under relevant laws.

5. Data Protection Officer

If any member believes that information we hold about him/her is incorrect or out of date, or if he/she has concerns or further queries about how we are handling his/her personal information, or any problem or complaint about such matters, please contact our data protection officer, Eddy Jang, at []. 

6. Modifications

We reserve the right to modify or amend this policy at any time. To keep members informed, we will notify changes to this policy by prominently identifying the alteration for a period of not less than seven (7) days prior to the application on the front page of our service. However, if the amendment is unfavorable to members, we shall post at least thirty (30) days prior to the application.

7. Miscellaneous

In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms of Use, and Privacy Policies, these Term of Use shall prevail. 

This privacy policy does not apply to the collection of personal information by other services, including services affiliated with ttokttok.


Announcement date: December 16, 2022

Effective date: December 16, 2022

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