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The owner of the Planet has the authority to public settings.

If you want to see the friend's Planet, please request the friend that you would like to see the planet board.

Q. I want to change the notification setting.

You can change your notification setting in the Notification.


You can turn off the notification so you won’t get any of them.

Moreover, you can change the setting so that you will receive E-mail notifications, notification rings and Windows pop-ups whenever there are changes in the topics that you are registered as a member.

Q. A friend had invited me, but I did not receive the invitation e-mail.

InnerBeans only sends you the invitation e-mail when you are invited for the first time.

Please check Accept messages in your planet or accept the invitation by checking Notification.


Q. I want to delete topics and groups.

There is a trash bin at the lower right side of the Planetboard when you click "Edit Planet".

Please drag the topic that you want to delete and throw it in the trash bin.


★ Groups can be deleted in the same way only when there is not any topics in the group.



Click_Edit planet
Click_Edit planet

Drag Group
Drag Group


Click_Edit planet
Click_Edit planet


Q. Do you want to delete InnerBeans account?


Once you make a request to delete your account, we will delete your account permanently.

1. Please be aware that the account deleted cannot be backed up and the topics and the planet are deleted as well.

2. Other friends cannot have Collaboration with you anymore. However, other friends can still see the works and comments that you have uploaded in the chat.

All your profiles will be discarded as soon as your account is deleted. Innerbus Cooperation will not keep your information.



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