Joyful journey of collaboration

InnerBeans is an online collaborative workplace platform.

Your can manage your work on your Planet.

Build your planet in your own way and work together with team members.

The Planet makes your work more fun and productive.


Planet is your work space where you can overview all your collaborations.

You can freely add groups and topics, and have an overall status of all your projects.


You can group several topics together and manage them collectively.

Make different groups for various business categories, teams and projects.


You can freely work with each topic. Make distinctive topics focusing on the

prominent features of each project.

My own Planet

A Planet is your work space. You can conveniently manage your planet with groups and topics.

Organize your planet as your own way, make your works more fun and increase productivity! 


Customize and Enjoy

There are more than 200types of icons.

InnerBeans is the unique collaboration tool which offers a "game-like look and feel".

Enjoy your work as you play a game on the InnerBeans planet. 

Upload all the files needed for work

and make decisions quickly. 

Boost your work efficiency with that.

File sharing and

quick decision making

Google Drive with auto save

Your files will be saved automatically to Google drive. You can access them anytime via any device - smartphone, tablet or PC

Work anywhere, anytime

Stay connected with your team members anytime you want.

Expand your creative ideas quickly wherever you are.

InnerBeans is compatible with any device and any operating system. Work anywhere, anytime and manage your work-life balance by yourself