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InnerBeans Story

Communicate, Collaborate and Create value with InnerBeans


Begin the joyful journey of collaboration

with InnerBeans

Build your planet in your own way

and work together with team members.

The Planet makes your work more fun and productive.


Create a Topic for each project, team or subject.

Invite co-workers and start conversation.



Group several Topics together and manage them collectively. Set proper Group names for

various business categories, teams and projects.


Planet is your work space where you can overview all your Groups and Topics. 

You can freely organize your Planet; create Groups and Topics, and set names, colors or icons 

as you want. 

Build your own Planet

Place Groups where you want on your Planet. 

Set an icon for each Topic. Indicate the progress of Topic using progress bar. Change the color of Topic if necessary. 

InnerBeans help you achieve your goals


Invite your friends to the Topic as members and start a conversation. 

Discuss important agenda, share your ideas and make a quick decision.

Direct message

You can also send a direct message to the person on your friends list.

File sharing

Upload your file and share them with Topic members. 

They will be saved automatically in google drive.


You can integrate BitBucket on your Topic. 

Check your work progress and share it with Topic members.

Game look&feel

InnerBeans is the unique collaboration tool with game-like look&feel. 

There are more than 200 types of icon that you can set for each Topic.
With InnerBeans, you can work with fun as if  you play a game.
Work, Collaborate, Customize and Enjoy!

Work anywhere, at anytime,

on any device

Stay connected with your team members.

Expand your creative ideas quickly wherever you are.

InnerBeans compatible with PC and smartphone, and work well on Chrome, IE, iOS and Android.

Work anywhere, anytime and manage your work-life balance by yourself.

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