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The planet is where you can manage team projects like a bulletin board. You can freely add groups and topics on your planet.

You can also visit your friends' planets and join their topics as well.

Q. What is that spaceship in the middle of the planet board?

The spaceship in the middle is called the 'station', and that is where you manage your planet.
You can easily access all your planet history, manage friends and profile, and start editing your planet.

Q. Is my planet open to everyone?

Only when you set 'planet public settings' to ON, your friends can see your planet.

Q. What is a planet list? Are all my friends automatically included in the list?

'Planetmark' shows that you are part of the topic as well as all the other participants.

Q. I can’t see the my friends' planet board. 

The owner of the planet has the authority to set its privacy. If you want to see your friend's planet, you need to ask your friend open his or her planet to you.