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Q. How does the chat work? How can I use it to collaborate?

Each topic has its own chat window to communicate among the members. Invite friends to be the member and start working together! You can share your ideas and opinions as well as files and images.

Q. How can I add members?

1. Click "Go to chat" on the upper right corner on the planet board. 




















2. Click a topic you want to add a member to on the left column.




















3. Click "Members" on the top of the chatroom.




















4. Click "Add members" in the bubble.

Q. What's that description section to the right of the chatroom?

The description section is there to provide a brief description of the topic to the members
It is only open to those invited to the topic, and only the creator of the topic can edit the description.

You can set different percentages to show how much progress was made. 
1. Click 'Go to chat' on the planet board.

2. Click the icon of the topi on the left corner of its chatroom.




















3. Under 'Status', you can set the corresponding percentage of the topic.

As declared in the privacy protection act, the messages in the chat is only open to the members and will not be seen by anyone else. 
All chat history and other information of the users are treated equally as their personal information, keeping it secure in a highest security level.